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We build music brands, devising
content & digital marketing strategies to
attract your target audience.

Work & Clients

To be CLEAR- we build and broadcast music brands. 

Meet the Team
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Motion Designer | Content Strategist

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Director of Social Media

What We Do


We develop strategies and execute beautiful, effective creative to deliver CLEAR results.

Leveraging a long history of design, sales, marketing, and social savvy, we craft bespoke content, well-targeted digital marketing campaigns, and engaging social media content, to broadcast a CLEAR signal directly to your audience so you stand out from the noise. 

To be CLEAR, we deliver beautiful, effective creative that will connect with real fans and buyers.

How We Work


We start with questions. We connect with all relevant stakeholders in your organization conducting a facilitated discovery session, gaining clarity on business goals, target audience, and defining what success means to you, and how to align these data points with your target audience.

Wait, was that too "business" for you? Let's try again.

We connect with the musicians, the suits, the stage manager, and the sound guy to figure out how loud we need to crank this thing to be heard by your fans, and what gear we need to get there. Then we turn you UP!

Once we're CLEAR on the who, what, where, and why we rally the troops and get to work.

Who We Are


We are a boutique content agency serving record labels, recording studios, nightclub & festival promoters, music technology companies, studio production and live music gear manufacturers, and occasionally edgy companies in other verticals who want to make a bigger impact, sell more products and services, gain more fans, build a dedicated following, and focus on their craft.

We are your marketing department, design studio, media production partner, and strategic consultants. 

We're your favorite synth, EQ, compressor, drum machine, your mastering chain... you get the idea.

To be CLEAR, we're your secret weapon.

Why We Do It


We know the struggle of understanding how to build a fanbase. We know the hardship of spending all your time creating an amazing album, product, or service and having it fall on deaf ears.

We know the anguish of falling for fake gurus who swear they can teach you to make money with music, but really just want to sell you an unproven sales funnel. (Did they REALLY make money with music, or was it selling that course?)

We know the frustration of wanting to focus on your project, but being forced to spend your time learning design, social media, sales, and marketing. 

To be CLEAR, we do this because we've been in your shoes and we know what you'd rather be doing.


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