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Local DJ Level-Up

How setting the standard at the Discotheque leads to bigger bookings and label signings for an upcoming House Music artist.

Diskreet Cover_0.3x.jpg

Discotheque Gatherings co-founder Diskreet had been on the Producer and DJ grind for years, and had his eye on moving up the ranks. He knew a brand identity would help anchor his sound in his audience's minds when seen on flyers, album art, and merchandise.


Alongside co-founder Cacho, his Discotheque promotion company had a growing list of events with impressive lineups. In addition to needing a personal brand update, he wanted to ensure the promotion also had a consistent look and feel that would speak to their target audience, and that the lineups were presented legibly to prospective party-goers.

Unfortunately, there was serious static in the signal with his previous designer, and he needed an alternative who was easy to work with and could execute well...

We were up for the challenge!

Mixing 3.png

Diskreet has an understated, quiet nature about his personality, and makes subtle, hypnotic blends with his DJ mixes. 

As a Dallas TX native transplanted to Los Angeles with roots in Hip Hop culture, gold, bling, and street culture was a must to include in the visual theme.


Diskreet 1 color.png

The final product was two variants of the logo. The Ahnk symbol would make him easily recognizable for party-goers who'd seen his name on the flyer, and create a striking impression on his merchandise. The text-only variant would have a wider range in applications from flyers, to websites, to album art. 

Creating a brand standards guide with colors, fonts, and proper applications lended an aura of professionalism promoters could trust.

This new array of graphical elements covered a breadth of use cases to help increase his profile to the House Music industry. 

Diskreet Ahnk 1 color.png


Having a well designed EPK and logo helped land gigs at  May We Rage, Pattern Bar, Funday, Spring Fling, One Love  Fest, The Lash and many more, playing alongside luminaries like Doc Martin, Morelia, and El Monk to name a few.  

Additionally, he signed music on labels like Dynamic Musik, Tech Avenue, and Aztec Music Recordings. 

The boost to his profile helped grow his social following,  


As musicians, we understand the need to present a professional image, send an eye-catching EPK to promoters, and anchor your visual identity in your listener's mind. Here's what we did to help Diskreet make a lasting mark and land more gigs.

  • Logo Design

  • Brand Standards Guide

  • Flyer Design

  • Album Cover Artwork

Diskreet Full color Bar.png
The Hat.png


From headlining sold-out events in Southern California's Inland Empire, to multiple signings on notable record labels like Tech Avenue Records and Dynamik Music, Diskreet has grown his social media following significantly, and risen in the ranks of House Music to be come a staple of the So Cal scene.

We're honored to have played our part in helping him achieve such massive success. 

Click the icons in the logo grid below to see and hear it for yourself!

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Soundcloud 350px.png
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Diskreet Full color.png

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