From Unknown to Chart-Topper

How coordinated cover art & social media content helped a new label consistently top the Beatport charts.

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Spoon Fed Mouth Logo Design: Thumbs

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It started as an idea way back in 2014. With a strong desire to produce and release Tech House music, it took some time to build the production skills and connections necessary to effectively launch the project. 

It began to truly manifest in 2019. Aspiring label owner Daryl Mallick commissioned UK cartoonist Thumbs to create the Spoon Fed mouth logo. From there, he contacted Clear Media 

Big Bites Vol 1 Cover Art
Big Bites Summer Cover Art
Spoon Fed Tasters Cover Art
KIVI - Alive EP Cover Art
JTJ - Blood Overheating EP Cover Art
Holt 88 - Rutata EP Album Art
Eveningperple- No Questions EP
B&E - Focus EP Cover Art
Dylan Coss- Club Probs Art

Having established the vibrant, cartoonish aesthetic


With a series of releases on prominent labels like Rock Bottom Records, House of Hustle, Dirtybird, and his own Spoon Fed Records, Seek-One was able to consistently top the Beatport Tech House charts.

These chart-toppers helped secure impressive gigs at festivals like We Are All One, Nocturnal Wonderland, the legendary Dirtybird Campout, and sold out crowds at the re-opening of Space Taco. 

The hometown hero is now a bona fide global hit-maker, with content to match. 


As musicians, we understand the need to stay consistent across all platforms to reinforce your visual identity, to align that identity with your sound, and the grind to stay relevant with scroll-stopping social media posts. Here's what we did to help Seek-One accomplish this very thing for his fanbase. 

  • Logo Design

  • Social Media Content

  • Stage & Livestream Visuals

  • Album Cover Artwork


The results speak for themselves: chart topping music, renowned label signings, major festival bookings, massive social media following, one of Southern California's hottest club nights, co-founding two festivals, and his own successful label. 

We're honored to have played our part in helping him achieve such massive success. 

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