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5 Boston Bars Bring In New Blood

How we helped a Hospitality Group pack 5 Boston venues with one 20-second promo video.

Sent It HOLD.png
01 Landsdowne Style Frames.png

The Lyons Group had several bars and restaurants on Boston's famous Lansdowne street near Fenway Park. They had the 'Send It To Lansdowne' campaign underway, but they were missing a key component.

They needed someone to create a looping promo video video for the Jumbotron at the Boston University's Hockey rink, the final piece of a big marketing push heading into Q4 of 2021. They needed to showcase 5 venues featuring sports, live music, stand up comedy, gaming, food, beer, & cocktails, to a predominantly college demographic.

Piece of cake, right? 

There was just one catch, though. Due to this being used on campus, we weren't allowed to show images of college kids drinking or partying to promote the venues.

How do you say "we want you to come drink here" without showing college kids partying?

Challenge accepted...

Bill's Bar Action.png

We were provided an asset library for each venue. While here was no consistent branding across the venues, each having it's own unique flavor. The various logos were all thematically dissimilar as well. 

We opted to highlight each location in its featured frames, while opening and closing the animation on the campaign slogan: 

"Send It To Lansdowne."



Sent It Action.png

Paired with the rest of the campaign, the 5 locations had an omni-channel presence all over the Boston University culminating with the animated component playing regularly during Boston University hockey games.

Playing interstitially during the games, this demands the attention with flickering lights, rapid movement, thumping bass, and messaging delivered succinctly.


Sent It HOLD.png
Landsdowne Pub Action.png


While direct impact from external advertising campaigns of this nature are difficult to measure, coupled with the economic resurgence of eased lockdowns all of the venues saw significant uptick in attendance and revenue between Q3-Q4 of 2021.


Music & Music Venues have a symbiotic nature. 

  • Facilitated Discovery Session

  • Style Framing

  • Motion Design

  • Music Curation & Licensing

Game On! HOLD.png
Game On! Action.png


20 Seconds of looping, blinking,  wiggling, syncopated fun anchoring a well-executed marketing campaign, presenting multiple top-of-funnel opportunities for 5 venues featuring sports, food, gaming, standup comedy, and of course live music offering multiple opportunities to entice the BU attendees out for a boozy good time! 

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