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Opening Titles vs Cold Outreach

Building A Title Sequence to Connect With Bigger Studios.

FF S1 Frame 0_0.3x.jpg

It had been two years since leaving a cushy job in sales to pursue a creative career. Ready to fire his clients and throw in the towel as a content creator, freelancer Jason Randle was at a crossroads in his burgeoning career. 

Tired of they typical cold outreach emails, and in need of a new way to connect with Producers & Creative Directors at major studios, he was searching for a solution that would showcase his animation and editing skills, be an example of the work he was seeking to be hired for, and capture the interest of his targets simultaneously.

After watching The Witcher and becoming frustrated with the poor pacing, disjointed story telling, and terrible title card design inspiration struck.

He could do this, and leverage it for better work.

FF S1 Frame 1@0.3x.jpg

Future Fear is a hacker thriller set in Neo-Tokyo.

Corporate Technocracies control vast sums of wealth while the masses live in a high-tech, low life morass of crumbling infrastructure. 

The show centers around a group of hackers seeking to corrupt or commandeer control of a bio-weapon before it can be unleashed on the unsuspecting populace.


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The final product was a one-minute title card sequence with a stealth availability pitch.

Featuring quick punchy edits timed to an intense orchestral soundtrack, the pacing and style feel cinematic while capturing the anime vibe and showcasing a cyberpunk aesthetic,

Cast members are all drawn from cheeky names insinuating Hollywood entertainment tropes, or names mentally associated with hackers or The Far East.

No actors were harmed in the fabrication of this casting. 

FF S1 Frame 11_0.3x.jpg


Now armed with serious proof of his editing and motion design capabilities, Jason was able land big name clients in the digital marketing space (can't say who- NDA), connect with Producers at BUCK, and eventually scaling to found his own agency- Clear Media.


​Taking a project from concept to completion is our specialty. This one ran nearly the whole gamut of our service offerings, encompassing graphic design and video post-production.

  • Motion Graphics

  • Style Framing

  • Video Editing

  • Color Grading

  • Creative Direction 

  • Typographic Design

  • Content Strategy

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Thanks for submitting!


If you're diggin' the aesthetic shown throughout the case study, why stop now?


Feast your eyes and ears on the final product. One minute of intense, exhilarating  action that should get you HYPED to get crackin' on making content that connects with YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE!


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